Chicago Revolution!

Sanford-Brown – Chicago partnered with Chicago Fashion Focus this year for their 36th annual fashion and portfolio show: Revolution.   Chicago Fashion Focus is Chicago’s annual fashion week promoting and celebrating Chicago’s fashion industry sponsored by DCASE, the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. This year’s show was held at the prestigious Chicago Cultural Center as a premier showcase event!Revolution 2014

The students and staff produced the evening’s event opening with the student/graduate portfolio show and networking followed by a grand runway show of student fashion presented with a pop art theme!  This sold out show was attended by industry professionals, students and Chicago fashionistas.  Students from every program participated, from the opening video segments by the video and animation students, programs and collateral by the graphic designers to the behind the scenes production by the fashion merchandising and fashion design students.

SBC-Chicago spotlighted collections from alumni designers, Mamie Kapend and Javonica Sapp.  Mamie opened the show with her brilliant African print ready to wear, and closing the show, Javonica’s high end wedding gowns wowed the crowd.


Paint Dipped fingertips

Paint Dipped fingertips

We are seeing an odd new trend in beauty on the runways for Fall/Winter 2014. Paint dipped fingers or stained fingertips. A trend worn by Michele Lamy, designer Rick Owens wife, the look has made it to the runways in various ways. One thing I will say, it would make for an easy manicure!
I’m not sure Chicago is ready to rock this…. What do you think?

The undercover…

So it’s 2 am and I am awake, having taken the wrong medication that is acting like speed on my system and not letting me sleep.  I’ve been staring at the ceiling and wracking my brains trying to come up with my first blog post.  Should I write about 2014’s color of the year?  Yeah… but not today.  I want to talk about fashion.  Fashion is defined as a look or concept that is accepted by a majority.  Don’t confuse fashion and taste.  How do you define taste?  I asked a class that question and the best answer was “appropriateness”.  I have seen many a fashionable person with poor taste.  In today’s casual society, many a young person has no sense of taste.  (Okay, it’s not limited to the young!)

I train young people to go out in to the world to find a career and it still surprises me what people choose to wear for job interviews, networking events and parties.  With so many dress codes and fads out there what’s a girl to wear?!  No, I’m not going to go on about interview dress, but I may in the future.  I think this is more a manifesto on wear what you look good in!  The problem is… many people seem to not have a full length mirror, or choose not to look in in before they leave the house.


I love that society is becoming more accepting of the girl with “curves”, 

but that being said, dress those curves right.  Wear fitting clothing, but not skin tight.  If it hugs the curves, wear the appropriate undergarments to create a lovely hourglass shape.  There are many body types, pear, apple, inverted triangle and straight figures.  I will address many of those in the future.  I think today is about undergarments.

You can’t beat a bra that fits right.  Get sized at Nordstrom or a high end lingerie store.  This will eliminate many problem areas.  And unless it is part of the look… make sure your bra doesn’t show!


 Consider “structural” undergarments, such as Spanx, this will smooth you out and make almost any look, well… right


For a more extreme, but highly flattering look, try a Squeem!  It is almost a corset, but much more comfortable (if you can call if comfortable… the model looks way too joyful!)  You’ll be amazed at the inches that come off and it improves your posture.  squeemsqueem-before-and-after

So, hopefully this was not a rant.  I will probably focus on my pet peeves.  Share yours if you;d like, we likely have a lot in common!